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Testimonials: Theragem

These are genuine testimonials from clients who have benefitted from the Theragem Treatment offered by Alqualonde Holistics in treating a range of conditions.



Mrs ET. Warrington, Cheshire - 4th December 2008

At the beginning of the Crystal Light Therapy I had a feeling of pressure at the top of my head and shoulders and a feeling of sadness, I would not say it was anything like depression as it did not last after the next day. I also experienced a tingling sensation in my neck and shoulders where the arthritis can be very painful.

The tingling continued through the following three weeks. As the treatment progressed the feeling of pressure on head and shoulders lessened and I felt no sadness.

Then came the incident with my garage door which caused the pain to flare up, the crystal therapy did not help in the same way as the Electromagnetic treatment does and I resorted to hot and cold compresses.

However, I have to say that the last session I had on November 24th 2008 (which included an Assemblage Point move) I came away feeling rested and more alive and happier than I had felt in a long time and no pain! Also a better sleep pattern up to writing on December 4th 2008.

Mrs ET. Warrington, Cheshire - 17th January 2009

I thought I'd drop you a line, I am still in the land of the living I am pleased to say! Keeping well and in good spirits thanks to the Crystal Light Therapy, it has made such a difference. I realise now I had been out of sorts for years. I am sure sooner or later I shall be glad of your services. Very Best Wishes.


Stress and Anxiety

Mrs EB. Warrington, Cheshire - 5th January 2009

I am 47 years of age and a full time working mum.

For the past few months I have been feeling extremely lethargic anxious, lacking in energy and have been having difficulty getting of to sleep at night. When I in fact I did manage to drop off to sleep, it was not a deep sleep and somewhat restless. Anxious throughout the day for no apparent reason and since beginning to work in a Senior School I was prone to picking up infections more than was usual.

My sister who was concerned for my welfare and state of mind is a Therapist who has a Crystal Healing System called “Theragem” advised that sessions on this piece of equipment would help to rectify my problems with regular sessions.

The Healing Process

My initial treatment was 21/10/2008 to date and although I was nervous to begin with, Karen explained the procedure and also what sensations I may receive due to the treatment and therefore I was at ease.

Primarily my assemblage point was located so that Karen could ascertain what treatment was needed to ensure correct alignment was achieved. My assemblage point was in a high right position that would identify stress and anxiety. Crystal healing was directed at areas such as, temples, spleen and assemblage point, for 20min intervals. A tingling sensation was felt in my feet, spleen, which was not an uncomfortable but a warm sensation. I had 5 treatments in total from 21/10/2008 - 10/11/2008. Each treatment was beneficial to me. Aiding in a restful and longer sleep, I was not as anxious and stressed and more at ease with myself and my confidence has grown (which has been recognised by various work colleagues) and my sons at home have commented on little things such as their untidy rooms not stressing me out as it normally would. Also taking on new challenges at work, I am going into open minded and not doubting my abilities. Moreover I am a calmer and more outgoing person who used to hide behind my sense of humour to get me through.

Therefore my assemblage point is now in it's correct central position and I will have this checked annually as advised, unless my assemblage point position is altered due to a future major occurrence i.e. bereavement, accident etc.

I would recommend this treatment to any person suffering similar symptoms, it is pain free, all treatments are explained in full and no pressure is put on you to receive these treatments. The treatment room is excellent offering a calm and private atmosphere and Karen carries out all treatments professionally.