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Testimonials: Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy (EMST)

These are genuine testimonials from clients who have benefitted from the EMST offered by Alqualonde Holistics in treating a range of conditions.



Mr A B. Warrington, Cheshire - 3rd November 2006.

I am seventy-six years old and live in the Birchwood area of Warrington. I first met Karen and Steve at Warrington Spiritualist church six years ago and have become firm friends. Over the last 4 years or so I have suffered with Osteoarthritis in my hips, knees and right ankle, which has become progressively worse to the extent that I was unable to walk more than a few steps without being in pain. I was taking 8 strong painkillers (Co-codamol) a day, which barely kept the pain at bay and my GP had suggested that a Cortisone injection might be needed.

It was Karen who mentioned to me about a new revolutionary treatment called Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy, which she was able to administer as one of her therapies at Alqualonde Holistics and would I be interested in a course of treatment, as the therapy had proved to be effective on such chronic conditions as mine. I was made aware that there might be an increase in the level of discomfort after the first treatment but this would subside.

I started my programme of treatment in September 2006 agreeing to have two treatments per week for six weeks. The increase in pain I felt after the first treatment soon went and after the second treatment my pain had reduced by about half and I was taking only 4 tablets per day, by the third treatment my pain was much less especially in my knees and I was able to walk downstairs in a normal fashion which I hadn't done for years! I was now taking one pain killer in the morning and two at night and I felt that my knees were about 80% better and my ankle about 40%.

Incredibly after treatment number five I was able to stop taking all pain killers for arthritis but unfortunately had, having undergone an angiogram (camera into main artery in right leg) at the hospital, been diagnosed as having a blockage in the main artery in the calf of my right leg. The clinic was closed at this time and I was unable to have my regular treatment and by the end of the next two weeks I was back up to 8 painkillers per day due to the pain of the artery blockage. On resuming treatment I had no arthritic pain in hips or knees however my ankle felt about the same but my general mobility was better. I was walking up to half a mile a day even though my calf was painful and my GP had advised me to continue my walks attempting to push myself through the pain barrier, walking a little further each time to increase blood flow through the minor veins in the calf muscle.

By this time the arthritic type pain had gone, replaced by a feeling more akin to an ache in the ankle due to the restricted blood flow. After each subsequent treatment I was able to walk a lot further and was up to 3 miles by the eleventh treatment! The course was concluded after twelve treatments where I now feel better than I have done for a very long time, my quality of life has improved beyond belief and I have a feeling of all round well being. Although I know this treatment is not a cure for Arthritis I feel that the advice given by Alqualonde Holistics of having a regular treatment every 4 – 6 weeks would maintain my general pain free well being.

I no longer take painkillers for arthritis and am looking forward to longer, pain free walks. “It feels like I've been released and I can't thank Karen at Alqualonde Holistics enough for introducing me to this revolutionary treatment. I no longer feel my 76 years and would recommend this treatment to anyone”


Back Pain and IBS

Mrs KS. Warrington, Cheshire - 19th November 2006.

I am 40 years old and live in Warrington, Cheshire.

In July this year, after being in excruciating, debilitating pain for approx 6 weeks, I had an MRI scan which confirmed a badly prolapsed disc, which was causing sciatica.

Unfortunately I was not aware of Electro Magnetic Stimulation Therapy and did not find out about it until the beginning of October, by which time my condition was chronic.

I completed 12 session of EMST over a 7 week period and was really pleased with the effects of the treatment. Over the course of the treatment the pain subsided from being all the way down my buttock and leg to being localised in the specific area of the disc in my back. As I was able to pinpoint the exact spot of the pain I was then also able to have infra red treatment, in conjunction with the EMST, on the specific area which helped reduce the pain even more. Although I still have some pain it is only when carrying out certain repetitive tasks and is not there constantly which it was prior to starting the treatment.

I was also diagnosed earlier this year with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and suffered terrible frequent bouts which went from one extreme to the other (Diarrhoea to days of constipation). About a third of the way through my EMST sessions I realised that my bowel movements had become completely regular and normal on a daily basis – something which I have NEVER experienced in my life.

I think it is also valuable to point out the general feeling of well being that I felt which started after three or four sessions and has continued even after I completed my whole treatment programme.

I would definitely recommend EMST to anyone suffering from the same conditions as I was.


Multiple Sclerosis

Mrs JH. Timperley, Cheshire - 20th March 2008

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1986 and I am now in the Secondary Progressive stage.

I first had Viofor magnetic stimulation therapy 6 weeks ago and have now had 12 sessions.  Prior to the start of these sessions, I had forgotten what it was like to sleep more than an hour at a time and this had carried on for more than 6 years.  The results were irritability, poor memory, confusion and little mental alertness.  It was hard to remember how I used to be. Now I can mostly sleep for up to 6 hours in in total.  The dark circles are now vanishing from under my eyes and I feel refreshed from sleep.  I now go up to bed instead of sleeping in the settee as I have now discovered it is easier for my body to turn over in bed as I no longer need the support of the back of the settee.  I no longer feel a slave to my body anymore as I have more control over it.  I would rate the benefit to my sleep pattern as being 100%.

 One of the other benefits I have also noticed is being able to wash both feet whilst in the shower.  I used to have to sit my seat in the shower to wash my feet pulling one leg over the other with difficulty, whereas I can stand upright now using the grab-rail to keep me upright and still feel safe and secure. It feels more independent.  I never thought I would be able to raise my right leg so far off the floor whilst still standing.  Amazing.  

I have only had 12 sessions and I am amazed at the difference.  I am using my stick less often than I used to and do not pull on my husbands arm as much as I used to as I used him so much as a walking stick also.  It must give him a bit of freedom also.  I would rate the improvement in walking and mobility in general as 50%.

I would recommend this therapy to people with MS and hope they also feel some of the benefits that I have experienced.  There is definitely a feeling of well-being.  I hope to continue the improvements so the percentages increase.  This therapy cannot cure.  They never say it can but it can provide hope for a better quality of life.

Mrs JN. Bucklow Hill, Cheshire - 6th May 2008

I was diagnosed with MS in 1990 and have had symptoms for 32 years. 

Before treatment my problems were mainly fatigue, cognitive problems, pain and walked with a stick. 

After 12 sessions over 6 weeks, although my fatigue is still a big problem, my head is less foggy and thinking clearer, the pain in my legs has almost disappeared and walking much improved. 

Although I realise this is not a cure my quality of life has improved so much using the Viofor there is no way I wish to return to how I felt before treatment. 

So much I so I have bought a home version!

Mrs JN. Bucklow Hill, Cheshire - 19th January 2009

As it is nearly ten months since I bought my home version felt it was only right to give an up-date on how I am doing. I use the bed three times a week and have no regrets as it fits in very well with my daily routine.  The pain I had experienced in my legs has stayed away (something which I DEFINITELY DO NOT MISS!).  I am still managing to walk short distances without the use of my stick.  I do some voluntary work in a Red Cross Charity shop for a few hours and there it has been commented on how much more 'switched on' I am.

Overall I feel more confident as my foggy head is still much clearer.  As far as the fatigue is concerned there is definitely an improvement as my afternoon naps are greatly reduced.  

Karen Toft, the holistic therapist who introduced the bed to me, keeps in touch and checks to make sure there are no problems and offers advice to any questions I may have. 

I know it isn't a cure but the improvement in my quality of life is tremendous and both Steven (my husband) and myself have never looked back!  It just goes to show that unless we try new therapies we might be missing out on making improvements for ourselves. 

Do I recommend the Viofor Bed?  Yes, for me it works.  If you get the chance give it a go what have you got to lose! 

Mrs PW. Timperly, Cheshire - 1st June 2008

I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis, but since I have had Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy I feel normal again, my symptoms are balance, fatigue, depression, heaviness around the middle, numbness in both feet and problems with my speech.

My cognitive behaviour improved so much that, along with my improved balance, I felt like skipping through fields and doing cartwheels like I did as a youngster.

Also my friends can't stop me from talking and they tell me that I am a different person.

This Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy is good stuff and I would recommend it to anybody, especially people with MS.

P.S. Keep up the good work.


Pain Relief

Mr KD. Warrington, Cheshire - 9th November 2006

I am 37 years of age and live in the Orford area of Warrington. I have had lower back problems for years and even as a child used to get muscular spasms in my lower back. I also used to play an awful lot of football and this together with the amount of walking I do for my job and wearing ill fitting shoes, has left me with a bone growth on the medial side of big toe on my left foot

My job entails a lot of walking and carrying heavy loads and I fell down a flight of stairs on Friday whilst doing my job. This left me with lower back pain, a cut finger and a swollen and very painful big toe on my left foot. I was in a lot of pain and was unable to walk properly or wear my normal shoes and was very doubtful that I would be able to go to work the following week.

My wife's aunt has an Holistic Therapy business which offers treatment using the Viofor JPS system of Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy and although I had heard a lot about this treatment I was very sceptical and reluctant to use it. However, the Saturday afternoon following my fall, I did eventually agree to try it out but was dubious that it would help.

The first treatment left me with a feeling of warmth in my back and it felt a lot easier. I was absolutely amazed at the results of my injured toe as it felt better straight away, the feeling of pain had gone and I was able to walk away from my treatment normally! Karen explained that the treatment continued to work for up to 8 hours and it was amazing to see the redness and swelling disappear over the rest of the day! I had my second treatment the following day and the toe felt great with no swelling or pain at all. By the third treatment 2 days later the toe was completely better, my back felt much better too and I didn't need to take any time off from work.

I would recommend this treatment to any one with who's had a recent injury the results amazed me!


Sports Injuries

The use of Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy for Multi-Event Athletes - 10th July 2008

My name is Matt Shillabeer; I'm 34 years old and have been competing in the sports of Duathlon and Triathlon for 2 years (3 seasons). I compete to a high level around the country for my club and I also compete for Great Britain in the Age Group European and World, Duathlon and Triathlon Championship team (2007 & 2008).

My training regime and the events are very tough on my body, especially my core area and legs. I train for approximately 2-3 hours every day with a mixture of swimming, biking and running. Throughout the winter I complete about 4 months of solid base training and start competing in Duathlons in March/April and Triathlons from June to September.

The Duathlon consists of a 10k run, followed by a 40k bike and a final 5k run – the event duration is approximately 2hrs. The transition from run to bike and then back to run is one of the most testing multi-event combinations and can lead to major cramping in the legs (hamstrings and quads), creating high levels of lactate and fatigue as a result.

I utilised the electromagnetic stimulation therapy this year initially as a post race treatment to speed up recovery time – this was used in conjunction with massage. However, after some great initial results for recovery, I was encouraged to utilise the EMST as a pre-race treatment and this again was very successful. During the final run, where my legs really do suffer, the levels of cramping and fatigue reduced significantly. This, together with the post race treatment, also got me back to full training much quicker following the races.

During this year's Duathlon campaign I also picked up a hamstring injury and with a heavy racing schedule, I struggled to find the time to rest completely. I used some specifically targeted EMST and infrared treatment on the 'hot spot' and this provided relief from the tightness, but also speeded up the recovery time. This allowed me to race at 100% throughout the 2 months of racing.

I had eight sessions through the Duathlon season this year, which carried through to my preparation for the World Age Group Triathlon Championships in Vancouver. The results are cumulative and after only 2 sessions, the benefits of EMST were demonstrated positively through training, racing and the treatment of injuries. I would personally recommend the pre and post event use of EMST treatment to other athletes to improve athletic performance with the added benefits of relaxation and targeted treatment of sports related injuries.

Matt Shillabeer
Ashurst Bike Club
British Triathlon Federation Age Group Duathlon & Triathlon Team

Mr BT. - (Aged 52) - Irlam, Gtr Manchester - 19th March 2008

I play football at my local JJB Sports Centre and received an ankle ligament injury (out step), after going over on it under my own body weight. This left me with a lot of pain and I was unable to walk at all.

After two days of hoping it would improve I hobbled into A&E where the doctor told me I had torn two ligaments around my ankle and I would need to keep my leg up and rest, as well as exercise it as much as the pain would allow me to ……….great!

I contacted Karen and asked if she could help speed up my healing process, and after being politely told off for not coming to her straight away I went to see her the next day. After a consultation pin-pointing the specific injured ligaments Karen gave me a course of 3 treatment sessions, consisting of a full bed treatment followed by a portable unit on the ankle itself, and finally infra-red treatment directly on the ankle bone, this process was repeated exactly the same the next day. On the 3rd and last day a different portable unit was used i.e. a flat pad so that the ankle and the ligament above it was treated.

Each day I had the treatment I felt strange movements in my ankle as if tissue was being manipulated around the joint, no pain, just unusual feelings, I also experienced an aching behind my knee joint. Karen explained to me that this was good news as these were symptoms of my body repairing itself.

After only 3 weeks off work I am now fit enough, and have returned to work, my job as an electrical engineer does involve manual tasks so I do need to be mobile.

I am convinced my recovery was very much faster than it would otherwise have been, all due to using the Viofor equipment and would highly recommend this alternative type of treatment to my friends and family.

Mr IS. - Warrington, Cheshire - 9th December 2006

At the end of November I was returning from a weeks golfing holiday when I ran down an embankment and felt something tear in my calf muscle. This was very painful indeed and I was unable to walk properly, having to adopt a sliding shuffle to get my left leg to move. Sitting in one position on the plane home didn't help either and if I put too much weight on it or banged it then the pain was excruciating.

The wife of one of my golf partners picked us up from the airport and on seeing my discomfort suggested that a few sessions on the Viofor system would greatly reduce the pain and speed up my body's own healing abilities. I was a bit dubious at first but agreed to try the treatment.

Karen advised me that the treatment took 6 – 8 hours to reach its full potential and that there could be a slight increase in pain initially, which would decrease over the rest of the day. The night of my first treatment the calf muscle felt like it was tightening, however the morning after it felt a lot looser and much less painful. I still had restricted movement but was able to put one foot in front of the other and walk by taking small steps.

I had the second treatment the day after and the though the muscle still felt tight the constant pain had gone, with just the occasional twinge if I moved it too quickly. Although I was still not walking properly I was now able to climb stairs much better than at first.

The third treatment came two days later, after which I improved greatly with no pain at all. Amazingly I have already played a few rounds of golf and all within just 10 days of my last treatment!