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Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy

The Viofor JPS System of Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy (EMST) is a break through in the treatment of pain and helps to reverse the symptoms of many major conditions. It is a highly sophisticated computer driven therapy system, developed by some of the most eminent and respected Professors in the field of energy medicine. It generates a slow changing, low induction magnetic field that is tuned to work with the body's natural resonating frequencies. The low induction levels corresponding to the earth's magnetic field speeds up the body's natural healing process making this treatment suitable for almost everyone.

The Science bit!

To put things simply, electromagnetic stimulation therapy improves the way your body works.

It makes the biological process more effective; for example it enhances the circulation of your blood to all parts of your body.

Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cell structures, which make up the organs and muscles. Without enough oxygen and nutrients, the cells and then the whole body stop functioning. You probably won't die but you won't feel good!

For example: -

Increased oxygenation of your tissues helps to fight infection and strengthens your immune system, speeding up recovery of damaged tissues and the mending of bone fractures.

Improved blood circulation encourages deep, relaxing sleep to relieve insomnia, muscle tension, tension headaches and migraine.

It also reduces or stops pain.

In a European society with millions of people suffering from back pain, muscle and joint pain, arthritis and diseases of the nervous system, many exacerbated by the very society in which we live, we need to learn how to fight back and EMST allows you to do just that!


EMST and how you can benefit

Your treatment would take place on an electromagnetic bed and comprises two parts.

First of all, your whole body is treated on the full bed.

Then, a smaller, specialised applicator would be used on the most affected area(s).

emst bed

emst applicator emst applicator
A session takes between half an hour and an hour depending on the condition being treated and you would stay fully clothed throughout.

Treatment is totally painless and free from any negative side effects. And, with its low induction levels, which correspond to the strength of the Earth's magnetic field, it is suitable for all ages from babies to the very old and infirm.

Whatever your condition you should also experience significant pain relief.

Certified by the EU as medical apparatus the Viofor JPs system has undergone stringent clinical and scientific research. It is so effective that it is now widely used within the health systems of many European countries, including Germany and France. It is clinically proven to be effective in promoting improvements in .

PAIN RELIEF - Back pain, joint pain, headaches.
HEALTH AND WELL BEING - Stress, sleep quality, concentration, immune system, cholesterol and blood pressure.
SPORTS MEDICINE - Stress, tendon and muscle injuries, fractures.
JOINTS AND BONES - Fractures, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint disorders.
NERVOUS SYSTEM - Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Stroke, Migraine, Alzheimer's.
ALIMENTARY TRACT - Duodenal and gastric ulcers, irritable colon syndrome.
A course of treatment is usually recommended, the length and frequency of which depends upon the condition to be treated.

Alqualonde Holistics is the first in the area to offer this revolutionary treatment and you can click on 'Client Testimonies' to read what our clients have to say.

emst applicator
We also have a very close working relationship with Medica Health Ltd, a not-for-profit company who are committed to discover, source and introduce leading-edge healing equipment into the UK and Ireland. For further information regarding the history and development of EMST, scientific articles and more client testimonies please visit


You may not have Electromagnetic Stimulation Therapy if you are or have
  • Pregnant
  • Any active diagnosed cancer or tumour
  • A pace maker fitted
  • A hip replacement prior to 1989
  • Active tuberculosis of the lungs
  • Bleeding from the alimentary tract
  • An organ transplant
  • Serious diseases of a viral (AIDS, Herpes, Rabies, Shingles), Bacterial (Salmonella, Legionnaires disease, Leprosy), or mycotic origin (fungal)